uses of mobile phone in daily life

Uses of Mobile Phones in daily life

Mobile phones and smartphones have become part of human life and most people cannot imagine a life without a phone. This is because mobile phones are used in almost all aspects of our life today.

According to BankMyCell, there are approximately 6.99 Billion smartphone users in the world as of 2023. This means 86% of the world’s population has a smartphone. The number may be slightly lower considering that some people may own more than one phone.

The same source indicates that those who own mobile phones, this include smartphones and simple feature phones are 7.33 Billion which is 91% of the world population. From these statistics, you can see how mobile phones are shaping human life.

In this article, we will discuss what these 7 Billion people are using their mobile phones for and how they are shaping their life.

Use of mobile phones in communication.

The original cellular phone was designed for voice communication for people in remote locations. However, over the period of time, they have evolved to offer more methods of communication. Other communication done over the mobile phone includes

Text and chat communication

This includes having to write a text message either as an SMS or using chatting platforms like WhatsApp for communication. The chat can be live or otherwise.

Video communication (Video conferencing)

Smartphones can be used to connect people over video calls and they can hold a meeting over the internet. This was the common practice during the COVID period and most organizations have adopted the method for their meetings.

Email communication

This is one of the main internet services that users use for communication using smartphones. This can be used for official business purposes or any other reason. They are a cheaper and more convenient way of communicating with millions of smartphone users.

Use of smartphone for Internet access

Most users who have a smartphone have an internet connection connected using different methods of connection. Internet penetration in the world has increased and which makes the use of smartphones even more convenient.

Use of mobile phones for student and education

The use of smartphones and the internet has changed how learning and teaching happen in this digital age. Some of the ways that the mobile phone is used in education include:

Online teaching and learning

With a smartphone, a trainer can conduct an online class that is broadcasted to students who are in different locations in the world. In the life of students, smartphones can help access learning content from any corner of the world anytime anywhere. This removes the barrier of the traditional walled classroom.

Research and collaborations.

Smartphones connected to the internet enable both trainers and learners to create and participate in forums that are related to their area of interest. From the forums, they can collaborate on research areas and learn new technologies and ideas in their field of study.

Business transaction and financial mobile uses

Smartphones have changed how businesses are carried out for good. Clients can shop, select, buy, pay, and get customer support for a product or service without leaving their room. Some of the notable uses of smartphones in business are.

Mobile money transfer

With a simple feature phone users can send money from one point to another. With services like Mpesa service in countries like Kenya, users send and receive money without opening a bank account. They just require a registered mobile number that they can use for transactions.

Online banking

Banking services have moved from the banking hall to our smartphones. With a smartphone, the internet, and the respective bank application you can carry out all bank transactions online. This means banking services are now 24/7 service throughout the year.

Online shopping and transaction

This is where businesses can advertise their product or service online sell, receive payment and offer support to customers without having to meet them. Customers on the other side can do online shopping, buy the product, pay, and receive customer support from the conform of their smartphones and home.

Smartphones come fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation capabilities that enable the user to navigate their surrounding. With GPS and specialized mobile applications, users can be able to locate where they are, and where different facilities and amenities are located. They can also be used to navigate terrains or new locations when one is new to that area.

With GPS farmers can also the able to track from their smartphones areas on their farmer where they have infections of other farm-related activities.

Photo and video content production

Smartphones are replacing the digital camera and making everybody with it a content creator.  Smartphones have cameras that can record good-quality images and video. With platforms like YouTube and TikTok users can upload their video and image and can also watch other people’s content.

Use of mobile phones for entertainment and social media

With smartphones and the internet, people can get entertainment in so many different ways which include:

Video games

Smartphones enable users to play different types of video games that are both offline and online. These games act as a source of entertainment for those who love them.

Social media

Most smartphone users spend most of their time on social media platforms more than any other online platform.  They offer sources of entertainment and online socialization. This is becoming a challenge to many users since people are becoming addicted to these platforms among other negative effects.

Movies and music

Movies and music can be accessed from a smartphone either online or stored on the device storage media. Online platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and other platforms help users download, watch and listen to their favorite music and movies.

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