Types of printers and their characteristics

A printer is an output device that is used to convert soft copy information to hard copy. Most of today`s printers are connected to the system unit by a USB and even others are wireless. The earlier computer though used a different interface to connect.

Types of printers currently in the market include laser, inkjet, dot-matrix, drum, and 3D among others. They are characterized by the quality of the print, speed, the noise produced, the technology used, and tray size.


computer software written on DVD and a package box

Computer software: classification and characteristics

Computer software is a set of instructions that guide a computer on what to do and how to do it. They are programs which means they program computers by giving instructions to the device. Software interface computer hardware with the user. So the software is a step-by-step procedure (algorithm) of how things should happen in the computer when a user or another program triggers it to happen.

Computer programs are categorized into system, utility, application, and programming software. The main characteristics are portability, reliability, user friendly, maintainability, security, efficiency, and future development among others. The software has enabled businesses to automate their operation and cut operational costs.

List of characteristics of computers

Characteristics and impacts of computers

A computer is defined as an electronic device that allows the input, process, output, and store of information for later use. It is an electronic device because it will require electric power for it to operate and it is made up of electronic components. There are different classifications of computers depending on factors such as size, functionality, or purpose.

Computers are characterized by high processing speed, high storage capacity, automation, diligence, reliability, versatility, and accuracy among many others. Every technology when introduced for use it comes to change how humans carry out their daily operations and the computer is no exception. Computers have made communication simple and fast, reduced cost, created new job opportunities, and reduced paperwork among many positive impacts.  On the flip side, computers have come with challenges such as data security, privacy issues, and computer crimes among other negative influences.


Types of application Software

They are programs which are written to achieve a specific objective that meet end user operational needs. Mostly they are designed a specific functional area such as school management, design among others. Today almost all the fields have their own customized application software to meet the needs of that area.


Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cables are the latest data transmission media. They are also the fastest type of media. The name optic means the use of light which is transmitted through the cable. Data to be transmitted is converted from electrical signal that the computer produces into light signals by a light emitting diode to be transmitted on the along the cable.

Parts of fiber-optic cable

A standard fiber optic cable is made up of the following parts:
Parts Fiber Optic cable
1. Core (central part) it is made up of glass or plastic and it is the part that transmits data as light. It is made of reflective material. (more…)