Microsoft XPS printing

Microsoft XPS document writer install and benefits

Microsoft XPS document writer is a virtual printer driver that helps create an XML Paper Specification document. XPS document is a type of document that preserves the formatting and the layout of the document when printed just like a PDF. The document can be created using any application that can support printing and the device has the XPS printer driver.

The XPS software can be used to create, print, convert, view, and annotate documents mostly in the Windows platform.

Advantages of XPS document

  1. Document saved under XPS file extension retains the formatting of the document to WYSIWYG. This means the way the document appears on the soft copy will be the same when you print to the hard copy.
  2. It saves the document in a compressed manner which reduces the size of the document in the storage device.
  3. Users can digitally sign the document to maintain its authenticity and proof of ownership.
  4. The document allows you to search for text within the document for easy navigation.

Disadvantages of XPS documents.

  1. It can only be used when the computer has the virtual drivers installed.
  2. XPS documents may not be compatible with non-Windows computer systems.
  3. It is not a common type of document format hence many people may not be able to open an XPS document when shared.

How to create an XPS document

To create a document using this format you will create your document using any Windows Office package software like Word or PowerPoint then go to print. Among the printers to select from you will find an XPS printer as one of the available and you select Microsoft XPS Document Writer. The interface will look as below.

How to create a Microsoft XPS document

To create the file click on print. You be asked for the file name and your document will be created. The file is saved with a file extension of .xps or .oxps

How to install an XPS document writer drivers

Since the system recognizes an XPS document as a virtual printer when the drivers are installed they are categorized as a printer. To check if the printer drivers are installed you can view them from the device manager or devices and printer on the computer setting.

From the control panel to devices and printers

Microsoft XPS document writer on devices and printers

From the device manager check on the printer driver.

XPS writer drivers

What is an XPS document?

It is a document that is represented using XML specification that has a fixed layout, format, and appearance across all devices. It is similar to a PDF format document.

What is the benefit of the XPS format?

XPS formatted document makes it simple to create, share, view, and edit documents that maintain the layout and document appearance for all users.

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