Difference between computer repair and maintenance

Many users use the term computer repair and maintenance interchangeably but they differ depending on when and how they are done. Computer repair is restoring a partial or total fault computer back to functionality while maintenance is the activities that are carried out to the device to reduce device breakdown.

The main difference between computer repair and maintenance is that maintenance is done to prevent repairs. Maintenance can be scheduled to be done periodically while the repair is done after the device breakdown.

Computer Repair

The computer repair is trying to bring back functionality to a computer that has partially or fully stopped working. If for example, a computer monitor breaks you need to do a repair for you to continue using it. This means replacing it with a new screen or if the break is not big you can try to seal it. That can be termed as repairs.

Computer maintenance

Maintenance is activities that are carried out on the computer to ensure they work at an optimum level with minimal breakdown. Maintenance is done to reduce cases of having to repair the device. It can be scheduled after given conditions or timelines are met. For example, the IT department can plan to have all computing devices in the institution maintained at least once per quarter. You can read more on the types and benefits of computer maintenance in this other article.

Difference between computer repair and maintenance

When it is doneWhen computer breakdownIt is a routine that is scheduled.
Cost of implementingMost repairs are expensive since they require a replacement of a component.Maintenance is cheap to conduct. You only need maintenance tools and equipment.
TypesTypes of computer repair are hardware, software, and network repairs.Types of computer  maintenance are preventive, corrective, adaptive, and perfective
Examples of activities carried outReplacing the hard disk, changing the data cable, changing the faulty keyboard, changing the cracked screen, etc.Blowing dust, cleaning keyboard and mouse, updating software bugs, scanning for viruses, etc
Who does the workThe repair can be done in-house, outsourced, or by the device manufacturer.To reduce cost it is mostly done in-house by IT department personnel.
BenefitsRestores system back to working condition.Reduce the cost of repair and keeps the device working optimally.

In the life span of any computing device, you will require to carry out the two activities. However, it is recommended you carry out periodic maintenance to reduce repairs which can bring down all organization operations.

Maintenance should be part of day to day usage of the device. The computer hardware and software need to be maintained and repaired during their lifespan.