information digital age evolution

Impacts of the information age on society

The information age is characterized by fast communication modes that are not limited to location and distance. Information moves in real-time across the globe. New technologies that make the information age possible such as computers, the internet, smartphone, and satellite among others have changed how humankind behaves. Technologies in the information age come with their advantages and disadvantages that are specific to each sector. We discuss these sectors and how they are affected by technology.

The digital age technologies have impacted all aspects of our life from individual daily life to how government works. They have influenced all sectors from education, business and economy, agriculture, environment, engineering, military and security, government operations, and industries among other areas.

types of operating system, batch, network, distributed, embedded, timesharing, real time

Types of operating systems, their advantages, and disadvantages

Types of operating systems depend on how they process data and carry out the execution of commands. The most modern operating system allows for multiuser, multiprocessing, and multiprogramming. This increase the processing speed and increases system resource utilization such as CPU and main memory.

There are many types of operating systems but in this article, we discuss batch, network, distributed, real-time, time sharing, multiprocessing, and embedded operating systems. We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these types of systems.

keyboard shortcuts with Alt, Ctrl and shift keys

List of keyboard shortcuts and their advantages in windows

Most of the time when you are working on your computer you need to switch from using a keyboard and mouse depending on the operation you are performing. Computer keyboard shortcuts help you save time by mainly using the keyboard to achieve the most basic operations on the computer. Each software developer may use different shortcut keys to be used on their application but it is a good practice to use the common know shortcut for user-friendly software.

Using keyboard shortcuts users can increase the speed of operation and achieve a lot without the use of pointing devices. They can also be used to create emojis that express emotions. However, it is hard to learn all the shortcuts that are available since they are many. the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts are, Ctrl+C for copy, Ctrl+ V for paste, and Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc for task manager among many others discuss below.


How to activate emoji keyboard in windows 10 and its advantages

Emoji is a small graphic (icon) that is used to represent emotion, objects, and symbols. Emojis can be static or animated images. They are most common in smartphones application. However, most people don’t know that even the computer keyboard offers ways of creating emojis. The term is adopted from Japanese meaning picture character.

To activate the emoji keyboard you can use the shortcut windows key+. or window key+ ;. A touch keyboard can also be used to activate the emoji and emoticon. Emoji’s main advantages are used to communicate emotions using a graphical representation.

Microsoft Edge icon

Microsoft Edge browser: step-by-step beginners guide

The Microsoft Edge web browser is a chromium-based cross-platform web browser developed by Microsoft.  It is an alternative to Google chrome which is based on chromium too. It is incorporated in Windows 10 operating system where it replaces the decommissioned Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). According to Wikipedia it was first used in windows 10 in 2015 and later released for other platforms such as IOS and android devices. 

In this guide, we are going to discuss all the major settings for a beginner to confidently use the Microsoft Edge browser. The guide is specifically meant for users of computers and Windows 10 operating systems.

computer power supply unit (PSU) showing cables and connectors

Computer power supply  types, functions, and components

A computer power supply unit (PSU) is a hardware component of a computer that supplies all components with electrical power. It connects the computer system unit to the power wall socket. From the power unit, the energy is distributed to other components by the use of power connectors.

The main types of power supply form factors are ATX12V, LFX12V, CFX12V, EPS12V, TFX12V, and WTX12V. The main function of PSU is to convert the alternating current (AC) to a direct current (DC) that can be used by the computer. A power unit is made up of connectors, a transformer, rectifier, switches, and a cooling fan. The combination of these and other components enables the PSU to perform effectively.

supercomputer nodes racks arranged in rows on a building floor

Supercomputer features, uses, types, and advantages

A supercomputer is a very powerful computer that can do billions of operations per second. They are computers that are very fast, large in size, expensive, and with the biggest storage capacity in the world. These computers have a large main memory (RAM) capacity that can reach a petabyte(PB) and operation speeds of exaFLOPS.

Supercomputers can be classified into general and special purpose computers. The general is further categorized into a vector, tightly connected cluster, and commodity computers. the main characteristics of these computers are high processing speed into exaFLOPS and high main memory. supercomputers are used for scientific research, medical inventions, simulation, and weather forecast among many others as discussed in the article.

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How to use Mozilla Firefox browser, beginner guide

The Mozilla Firefox web browser is a free-to-use open-source browser developed by the Mozilla foundation. According to Wikipedia it was created in 2002 under the name phoenix but released on 2004 for public use. It is a multiplatform internet browser that can be used on computers, smartphones, and tablets. 

In this guide, we are going to discuss all the main settings and uses for a beginner to confidently use the Mozilla Firefox browser. The guide is specifically meant for users of computers and Windows operating systems.

Gogle chrome web browser icon

Beginners simple guide to google chrome browser

The Google Chrome web browser is a free-to-use browser developed by Google. It was first released on 2008 for windows operating system devices. It is a multiplatform internet browser that can be used on computers, smartphones, and tablets. 

In this guide, we are going to discuss all the main settings and uses for a beginner to confidently use the Google Chrome browser. The guide is specifically meant for users of computers and Windows operating systems.

3 optical disk disk overlapping

Types, functions, and advantages of an optical disk

Optical disks are cheap secondary storage disk that uses light to read or write data. They are non-volatile storage devices that are mostly used for data backup.

The main types of optical disks are CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray among others. They are used for bootable disks, packaging device drivers, movies, MP3 storage, and computer video games. Optical disks are a relatively cheap method of permanently storing data and are simple to use.