System Software

System software are used to manage the computer system by ensure it to it optimal. Mostly of the end users don`t interact with the system software because some of them are automated or they require advance knowledge to operate.

Their main characteristic is that they offer features that enable the user to work in an effective and efficient way. They are categorized into two: operating system and utility software.

Operating system (OS)

Is the fundamental program that runs on the computer to interface the user, hardware and the other computer software. It is the first software that is installed in computer before the user can start using it. Without operating system majority of user cannot be able to use the computer.

There are many example of operating system which includes: Microsoft window versions i.e. window xp, 7, and 8, UNIX based operating systems, Android used in smart phones etc.


Utility software`s on the other hand are used to ensure smooth operation of computer system in general.

They are categorized into the following:

Backup programs which are used to create a copy of the original work which can be used to retrieve it incase data is lost.

File manager which are used to manage files and folder by giving option like; open, edit save etc.

Antivirus is another utility program which are use to scan, detect and remove viruses and all other malwares from the computer system.

File defragmenter are other utility which are used to consolidate related file together.

Disk partition which is used to logically divide a single (physically) disk drive to have partitions which work as a separate disk and store their file separately and it can be mounted by an operating system.

Disk cleaner is used to clean the hard disk drive of the unnecessary file and those which were moved to recycle bin. It helps create space in the hard disk.

These are some of the system programs that are used among many other that are not included in the list.