When computer processor process data to give information it require a way of displaying what is happen. Computer monitor is used to display (softcopy) what is happening inside the computer. It is also called computer screen or Visual Display Unit (V.D.U.). It looks similar to Television set with exception that they don’t have the button to change channels. In fact modern Television set can be converted into computer monitor.

Computer Monitor

Computer monitors have evolved from the bulky big CRT monitor to ultra-slim screen that we have today. Some of the computer monitors types or technology includes: Continue Reading

Computer Hardware


Computer hardware are the tangible part of a computer. They comprise of main part of a computer both internal and external or peripherals. The main characteristic of hardware is they can be seen, felt and even touch unlike the software.

Computer Hardware

Connection to system unit

In today`s computer most of the hardware are connected using the Universal Serial Bus (USB). The USB comes in different generation with the latest offering higher transfer speed. Most of the peripherals connected using USB include printer, mouse, keyboards etc. Continue Reading

Classification of Computers


Computer can be classified in so many ways and some of them include:

  1. a) Generation
  2. b) Size
  3. c) Type of data processed
  4. d) Functionality


Computers are categorized in terms of the period that they were on used or when they were developed. They are 5 in this category (more…)


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What is BIOS?

BIOS stand for Basic Input Output System and also known as System BIOS. It is a ROM flash memory that carries the basic instructions on what computer is supposed to do. It is mounted on the computer motherboard. The software stored in it checks if all the computer hardware and other component are working well before it give way for the operating system to take over. If there is any hardware part that is not functioning well the Error message will be displayed i.e. keyboard not connected.

BIOS chip

BIOS from American Megatrends Inc

Functions of a System BIOS

BIO is an important component of computer and if not present the computer may even not boot at all. Its main functions includes: (more…)

Biometric Authentication


Authentication means verification while biometric means use of physiological characteristic of human to recognize them. Biometric authentication means using unique physiological characteristic to verify that the user is the one that they claim to be.

Application area

It is mostly used in area that requires maximum security like in military base. They can be used to lock room where the weapons are stored. (more…)

Application Software


They are programs which are written to perform a specific task to a certain user. Mostly they are designed a specific function. Today almost all the fields have their own customized application software to meet the needs of that area.

Uses of application software`s

They can be used to manipulate text, number, graphics or the combination of these depending on what the designer intended for. (more…)

Fiber Optic Cable


Fiber optic cables are the latest data transmission media that are in use to data and also the fastest. The name optic means the use of light which is transmitted through the cable. Data to be transmitted is converted from electrical signal that the computer produces into light signals by a light emitting diode to be transmitted on the along the cable. Parts of fiber cable

A standard fiber optic cable is made up of the following parts:
Fiber Optic
Core (central part) it is made up of glass or plastic and it is the part that transmits data as light. It is made of reflective material. (more…)


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Computer is defined as an electronic device that allows the input of data, which is processed, stored and then outputted as information. It is an electronic device because it will require electric power for it to function and it also has the electronic component.


It allows data to be inputted into it through input devices (e.g mouse, keyboard, joystick e.t.c) that are connect into it. (more…)