Output Devices


Output devices are used to outputting of the information that has been processed from the computers. Like input devices they are connected to the computer using various connector like USB,VGA cables etc.

output device

Output devices can be categorized into three main according to form of output they give. Continue Reading

Operating System


Operating system is a fundamental computer programs that co-ordinate how the computer hardware and other software interface with the user. It manages the computer resources and files.

Functions of Operating System

Management of input/output devices:

Operating System manages the peripheral devices by co-ordinate their operations and assigning them to different task being performed at a time. The most important task are assigned a device first then the other jobs comes later. Continue Reading



Computer mouse is an input device that has two buttons on top of it and a wheel in between them. It is connected to the computer by a cable or using wireless technologies. Mice are categorized as pointing device because mostly it is used to point to a position on the screen before carrying further commands. It is the main pointing device used.

The main function of a mouse is to position the pointer to the right location then it can be used to select menus and many other function that the program offers. They are used only in GUI and Menu based system but not in Command line OS.

Parts of a mouse

Parts of mouse


When you move the mouse it moves a pointer on the screen called cursor to the required location. When it is in the location you can use the button to do so many e.g. select menus, close a program, draw on the screen etc. Continue Reading



Computer motherboard is also known as main circuit board, logic board or main board. It is the main printed circuit board on the computer. It carries most of the computer components like CPU, RAM, BIOS, BUS and many other components as we will see.


Function of motherboard

Being the main circuit board motherboard has many function and mostly the most crucial.

  • House components

The main function of main board is to house the computer components. Most of these components are inbuilt while other can be removed or changed at will. Continue Reading

Information system


Information System has been defined in so many ways by different scholar and sources. To define it simply it is an integration of varies component that are coordinated together to enable manager to perform their function more effectively. They are used to enhance decision making in the organization, from structured, semi-structured to non-structured decisions.

Component/elements of IS or Computer Based Information Systems

Hardware: these include the physical tangible part of the computer which include; CPU, memory, input and output devices. Continue Reading

Main Memory


Main Memory is also called the working memory of computer, internal memory or primary storage. Its main function is to hold data and programs temporary when they are being processed. It seat between the processor and the secondary storage (hard disk). It holds data stored into it has long as long as the power is on, but when the power goes off it losses every data that it had hence said to be volatile. Because of this that user are advised to save their work when they are working on them so that you move it from main memory to the secondary storage which stores permanently.

Main memory is read and writes memory that has a fast access speed which allows processor to access data from it faster than from secondary storage.

Main Memory



General they can be classified into 2 main categories Continue Reading



Keyboard is a main input device which almost all computers come with. It is used to enter instructions to the computer by pressing on the keys which then send the command to the processor. Keyboard originated from the typewriter and the do the same work; to key in character both special and alphanumerical. The main keyboard keys organization is the QWERTY arrangement which was adapted from the typewriter.

The main function of a keyboard is to key-in instruction to the computer/device. They can also be used both in GUI and Command line interface.



How a Keyboard Works

Keyboards uses different switching methods on the keys this includes: Continue Reading



Internet is defined simply as a network of networks. It is a big network that is made up of many networks. To consider the global aspect we can define internet as interconnection of millions of computers or device together so as to communicate and share resources and information.

Internet allow user all over the world to communicate and share with friends and the world.

Application area of internet

Online Banking

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Internet Browser


Internet browser is a program that used for accessing resources from the web. They enable the user to make a request of the document that is stored on a server to be accessed and then forwarded to the user on the client computer through a browser.

Function of Internet browser

A) Sending request to server

Internet browsers are used to retrieve information from the server computer. It can be static like the HTML pages only or dynamic data like data from the form. When the user clicks a button or page it is retrieved from the server and browser displays the same content. Continue Reading

Input Device



Inputting of data involve entering data into a computer either by keying in, scanning or using any other inputting methods. Input device enable this to happen by providing the interface.

The devices are categorized into five

  1. Device for keying text
  2. Input hardware device for video and audio
  3. Pointing devices
  4. Gaming devices
  5. Input device for graphics

input device

Input for text

They are use for entering of characters to the computer. They include: Continue Reading