Advantages and disadvantages of video conference

It is the procedure of holding meeting/video chat over the internet mostly using webcam where participant can see each other on the screen. On the recent days internet has become fast enough to support the speed and capabilities require for holding a video conference. This has enabled the use of technology to the main stream industries and to the common computer users.

With video conference people can communicate with each other with an interactive session as if it is a real one-on-one conversation. Continue Reading

Functions and type of Video Graphic Adapter (VGA)

This is an adapter that converts the processed images from the PC processor to the computer monitor. In early PC the adapter was added into the computer as an expansion card, but today`s PC the VGA adapter is integrated into the motherboard.

video graphic card vga

Function of video graphic adapter (VGA)

The main function of the adapter is to convert the processed information from the PC processor to images that can be displayed on the connected monitor. Continue Reading

Types of system software

System software are used to manage the computer system by ensure it operate optimally. Mostly of the end users don`t interact with the system software because some of them are automated or they require advance knowledge to operate.

Their main characteristic is that they offer features that enable the user to work in an effective and efficient way. They are categorized into the following: Continue Reading

What are system changeover strategies?

After acquiring a computer program (system) you are require to change from the old system to the newly acquired system in a process called system changeover. It involves replacing the old system and business processes with new one.

What activities are carried out during system changeover?

1. Replace old hardware systems with new.

The new system may not be supported by the old hardware system; hence you will be required to replace them with new, i.e. the new system may require a high speed to process data Continue Reading

Types of storage devices

Storage device is used to keep a copy of data or information temporally when it is being processed, or permanently for future references. They store the data which is used by the computer and the user. The storage capacity is calculated in terms of bytes where 1byte is made up of 8bits (0s and or 1s).

storage device

Storage device are categorized into two main classes: primary and secondary storage hardware. Continue Reading

Types and impacts of social media

Social media are platforms that people use to connect with each other all over the world to share and communicate. The platforms can be used to connect families, professional, friend, people with same believe and all other concept that can bring people together with a commonality.

social media

Uses of social media

  1. Communication

The media are used to communicate between individuals or companies. Companies can post information that their client require and they can get feedback from the customers. Continue Reading

Examples of search engines and how they operates

Search engine is a type of computer program that is used to search information on the internet. The search engine uses a keyword to try and find the most relevant information on the internet. Most of the main engines generate what is called natural result of the search but sometime the owner of the search engine can modify the search to suit companies that advertise on their engines.

How search engines operate

Since search engines are met to search the web page they carry out two functions which ensure that they give the most relevant result. Continue Reading

Types of document scanners

Document scanner is an input devices that convert text document or images into softcopy that can be manipulated into the computer. They scan hardcopy of either text or images to convert them mostly into digital images. They use light sensor to do the scanning.

Types of document scanners

Scanner can be classified into 3 categories:

  1. Handheld scanners

The user holds the scanner and passes it along the document or image that they are scanning. It should be move slowly to capture all the details and to get the best quality. They are portable, cheaper than flatbed and they are mostly met for home use or scanning of small documents.

They are used in retails shops to scan barcode for record management.

handheld document scanner

  1. Flatbed scanners

Instead of user holding the document on their hand, the document is placed Continue Reading

Types and factors to consider for an overhead projector

An overhead projector is an output device which enlarges and project images into a bigger surface. The images can be static like data or graphical or moving image (video). Projector does this by passing the image to be projected through a lens which enlarges the image. Read more on how projector work.


Functions of an overhead projector

  1. Content presentation

They are mainly used for presentation of content. The presentation can be done by different people in different professions. Continue Reading